Active Kids Vouchers

We are now registered to collect Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers.  These vouchers will enable the Sports Club to provide much needed equipment for both the growing Football Club and the newly formed Junior Cricket Club.

Sainsburys active kidsHow to get involved

It’s easy to collect vouchers for Active Kids 2016. Simply shop in Sainsbury’s stores and on-line at and you will earn Active Kids vouchers on your shopping.

In Sainsbury’s Locals, you will get one voucher for every £5 you spend. You’ll notice these vouchers are larger than the ones you receive in Sainsbury’s supermarkets and have a photograph on them.

In Sainsbury’s Supermarkets you’ll receive 1 voucher for every £10 you spend. So if you spend £40 you’ll get four vouchers, but what’s new is that they’ll all be printed on one piece of paper. These vouchers are white and smaller in size, with no photograph on them.

Once you’ve collected your vouchers bring them up to the club or hand them to your manager.

If you’d like to see what great equipment and activities schools and clubs can order, take a look at this year’s catalogue.